01 Sep 2012

Elephant Parade

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Elephant Parade’s concept is a unique combination of Art, Business and Charity.

Art drives the value of the Elephant Parade: the life size elephant statues are exhibited in well-known cities and auctioned off at prestigious gala events. It’s Elephant Parade’s mission to be the world’s largest financial support organization for the Asian elephant, threatened with extinction. The open air art exhibitions create worldwide attention, public awareness and support for the cause of elephant conservation: the elephant statues never go unnoticed by the wider public and mass media.

Philippe Lebeau


The elephant is a protected animal like so many other wild animals. That is the reason why I have ‘decorated’ the elephant with the stripes of a zebra, and added the following text: ‘is this a zebra … no it’s an elephant’. On both ears I have added some kind of spiritual text. At the back I have painted 2 stamps in the form of mail art, this in order to demonstrate the international character.


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